$157 Million Humble Energy Scam Ran From Trailer Park

Sit back and let me tell you about one of the biggest scams on the Over the counter market since THCT. I’ve seen hundred of blantant pump and dump but i have seen anything quite like this. What would easily be an incredible lucrative opportunity unfortunately can now only be a dream because there are no shares to short. Let’s get into it..introducing Humble Energy.

What is Humble Energy?


According to its description on OTCMarkets, Humble Energy, is an oil and gas production company. Natural gas is 85% of its business. Humble has no bank debt, low fixed cost, no salaries, contract labor only and no well employee operating expenses. The Company outsources geology, operations and audit functions. Humble owns coal minerals in fee simple title that are high BTU metallurgical quality coal and has obtained the rights to a product that cleans internal engines, “Power Klean”, for longer engine life. The Company is now participating in drilling 13 wells in the prolific Cotton Valley sand formation in Louisiana. The first 9 horizontal wells came in at 108,000,000 cubic feet per day.


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Where Is The Company Located?


Per the last unaudited annual report dated 5/15/2019 located HERE, Humble Energy is located at 35421 Kanis Road, Paron, Arkansas 72122. A google search pulls up the address on Zillow and the property is described as a “single family home that contains 2,116 sq ft and was built in 1970. It contains 1 bathroom”. Geographical survey of the property from above show no signs of drilling, large building for oil storage containers or heavy machinery. It is my opinion that the company may be operating out of a trailer park as this part of the country is filled with them.

What Is The Financial Situation?


Last annual statement showed a pathetic cash on hand of $3,703. Keep note that even the cheapest Oil Truck go for $15,000. Check HERE. This company is not going to be successful and will NEVER be success with its current cash position. Total Liabilities were listed as $25,020. This proves that the company has not seriously developed any real business. In its corporate description, the company states it has no employees. Name any successful company where even a secretary is not even on the payroll. The financial statements look like they were made on Microsoft money 2004.

Quarterly cash on hand is listed as $1,664.

Who Runs The Company?


The listed CEO of Humble Energy is David R. Kane. Strangly enough, I can find no history of this person but what I did find is a David R. Kane who happens to be CEO of Pittsburgh Corning Corporation which was recently valued at $560 million. These two people are definitely not the same person but it makes me question if this Humble David R Kane really exist. This could be just a coincidence. There is a linkedin page for the Humble Kane but that page includes no photograph or previous employers.


The CFO is an 85 year old man by the name of Robert L Cashman. If the fact that the man is near death doesnt scare you, what should is the fact that he’s connected with some of the most sketchy companies like Service Team $SVTE. Service Team is a failed OTC company that has virutally no genuine assets.


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The company is a blatant fraud an no where near as valuable as its current valuation. Investors who try to go for the long term here will LOSE everything. Learn more about me here and why I expose these horrible scams.



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